Benjamin Cohen, Will Cruickshank, Claire Lindner FABER 11 Dec 2021 - 11 Feb 2022 MAAB Gallery
Riviera San Benedetto 15

Homo Faber (1957) is a novel by Max Frisch in which the protagonist, Walter Faber, the epitome of every pragmatic, rational skill, of the logic of making and of a technical civilization, is however completely impervious to every instinctive, precarious, and chaotic element of the human condition. 

The artists participating in this exhibition also share this aptitude for making, for becoming personally involved in the process – technological as well as manual – of the production of a work of art. However, unlike Homo Faber, they are also quite aware that the certainties offered by technology and reason are not as absolute as they may appear. Through their work – using mould and matrix Cohen, weaving and the loom Cruickshank, ceramics and painting Lindner – we can glimpse a much broader vision than simple making, one that involves reality and fiction (Cohen), experimentation and knowledge (Cruickshank), and metamorphosis and nature (Lindner).       

Winfred Gaul, Imi Knoebel, Christian Megert, Bruno Munari, Nahum Tevet ASTRAZIONE: LE 5 VIE Oggi - 4 Feb 2022 MAAB Gallery
via Nerino 3

This exhibition collects the works of five artists who, covering the Modernist era to contemporary times, have worked on the idea of compositional geometry, of conceptual clarity and expressive rigour, that didn’t close in upon itself but rather was capable of holding together vision and illusion, ingenuity and transgression, tradition and innovation. 

The works of Bruno Munari, Imi Knoebel, Nahum Tevet, Christian Megert, and Winfred Gaul represent art’s attempt to constantly modify the vision of a world that, as proven by the “Age of Extremes,” is ever changing, challenging our perceptive habits, and opening time and again to new cognitive challenges and new interpretative constellations. 

The artists on show seek an anchorage in the expressive linearity of geometry, which must here be intended in a broader sense, capable of overcoming Euclidean rationality to encompass more heterodox visions such as fractal geometry and the geometry of hyperbolic polygons. What emerges are five paths to abstraction and five visions of a fluid, dematerialized world the consistency of which no longer simply resembles a solid but also possesses the evanescence of a cloud, moving and mutating in the sky.   

Maurizio Mochetti Maurizio Mochetti 7 Sept 2021 - 12 Nov 2021 MAAB Gallery
via Nerino 3

Maurizio Mochetti (Rome, 1940) is an eclectic figure, one of the most interesting of the conceptual artists. A selection of his works, chosen from the many created by him over a fifty-year period, is on exhibit at the MAAB gallery in Milan.

Since the mid-1960s, his artistic exploration has involved a combination of theory and practice. It surpasses the concept of a delimited, static pictorial space to favour a broader and more dynamic approach that goes beyond the symbolic meaning of matter.

Franck Scurti Fine del mercato 29 Apr 2021 - 25 June 2021 MAAB Gallery
via Nerino 3

The exhibition by Scurti starts off the new series of solo shows of the MAAB gallery. The project, curated by Massimiliano Scuderi, has an emblematic title that expresses the present historical moment but also this French artist’s modus operandi, in a balance between artisanal creation and industrial production. 

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