Benjamin Cohen, Will Cruickshank, Claire Lindner FABER 11 Dec 2021 - 11 Feb 2022 MAAB Gallery
Riviera San Benedetto 15

Homo Faber (1957) is a novel by Max Frisch in which the protagonist, Walter Faber, the epitome of every pragmatic, rational skill, of the logic of making and of a technical civilization, is however completely impervious to every instinctive, precarious, and chaotic element of the human condition. 

The artists participating in this exhibition also share this aptitude for making, for becoming personally involved in the process – technological as well as manual – of the production of a work of art. However, unlike Homo Faber, they are also quite aware that the certainties offered by technology and reason are not as absolute as they may appear. Through their work – using mould and matrix Cohen, weaving and the loom Cruickshank, ceramics and painting Lindner – we can glimpse a much broader vision than simple making, one that involves reality and fiction (Cohen), experimentation and knowledge (Cruickshank), and metamorphosis and nature (Lindner).       

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