Mauro Staccioli

Mauro Staccioli was born in 1937 in Volterra, and earned a degree at the Art School in 1954. His beginnings as an artist are strictly linked to his teaching experience and his intellectual and political activism.



Mauro Staccioli was born in 1937 in Volterra, and earned a degree at the Art School in 1954. His beginnings as an artist are strictly linked to his teaching experience and his intellectual and political activism.

After an early stage in which he experimented with painting and engraving, at the end of the 60s he embraced sculpture, focusing on the relationship between art and society, and developing his original idea of a sculpture that is intrinsically related with the place - both in its physical and social connotations - in which and for which it was created. In 1972 Staccioli came to the idea of organizing a series of “sculptures-interventions” in the city of Volterra. The resulting exhibition, entitled Sculture in città, marked an artistic turning-point, making available to the urban space what had, until then, been confined to the closed spaces of galleries and museums. Staccioli researched, and produced, a "sign-sculpture" that originates from the close observation of a space, and interacts with it, emphasizing its peculiarities and altering its usual perception, thereby arousing questions and providing possible answers. He took part to the Venice Biennials of 1976 and 1978. In that year he created his famous Muro, a 8 meter-high concrete wall obstructing the view of the entrance to the Italian Pavilion - a critical, provocative statement. Right from his debut, the artist had developed a language characterized by an essential geometry and by the use of simple materials such as concrete and iron, which implicitly alluded to the use that was made of them for urban architecture in those years.

Since the 1980s Staccioli's work began to attract critical attention abroad. In those years, the artist's language lost the harshness and aggressiveness that were among his distinguishing features, and reflected the harshness and violence of the political climate. He came up with new sculptural forms, which led to new works that challenged the static balance, generating estrangement effects in the spectators.

In the 90s the artist carried on with his experiments on new forms - this time rings that underlined aspects of the landscape, or circles poised in an unstable balance, or spheres that appear, almost metaphysically, in the Orzieri plane in Sardinia (1995).
Staccioli is an associate member of the Belgian Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-arts and is a member of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca.

He died in Milan on 1 January 2018.



Milano, MAAB Gallery, OLTREFORMA – with Marco Tirelli

Roma, Terme di Caracalla, Mauro Staccioli. Sensibile ambientale

Firenze. Galleria Il Ponte, Mauro Staccioli. Lo spazio segnato / Marking Space



Lonigo (VI), Villa Pisani Bonetti, Arte Contemporanea a Villa Pisani: Pino Pinelli / Mauro Staccioli

Roma, Galleria d’Arte Marchetti, Mauro Staccioli. Creare scultura significa esistere in un luogo



Lissone (MB), MAC – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Arc#ive 1: Mauro Staccioli



Seneffe, Château, Mauro Staccioli

Bruxelles, Galerie Artiscope and Galerie Nardone, Mauro Staccioli. Drawings and sculptures, double exposition



Pomarance, Scuderie di Palazzo Bicocchi, Mauro Staccioli. Anteprima del segno

Morterone (VA), Arte Natura Poesia. Interventi a Morterone 2013, Mauro Staccioli. Forme Perdute



Firenze, Galleria Il Ponte, Mauro Staccioli. Gli anni di cemento 1968-1982

Parma, Galleria d’Arte Niccoli, Mauro Staccioli. Gli anni di cemento 1968-1982

Milano, Arte Studio Invernizzi, Mauro Staccioli. Forme perdute

Bruchsal, Kunstverein “Das Damianstor” Bruchsal, Mauro Staccioli. Kleinplastiken, Modelle und Zeichnungen



Catanzaro, Parco Archeologico di Scolacium e and MARCA – Museo delle Arti Catanzaro, Intersezioni 6. Mauro Staccioli. Cerchio imperfetto

Milano, Progettoarte-elm, Mauro Staccioli. La tensione costruita. Opere nel corso del tempo (1971-2009)




Padova, Fioretto Arte Contemporanea, Mauro Staccioli. Lo spazio nudo



Volterra (PI), sedi varie various locations, Mauro Staccioli. Volterra 1972/2009. Luoghi d’esperienza

Mantova, Corraini Arte Contemporanea, Mauro Staccioli. All’origine del fare. Le grandi dimensioni



Prato, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Mauro Staccioli. Pensare la scultura



Bruxelles, Galerie Artiscope



La Jolla, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, Mauro Staccioli. Drawings and small sculptures

Bergamo, Galleria Fumagalli



Firenze, Galleria Il Ponte, Mauro Staccioli. Sculture e progetti



Los Angeles, Italian Cultural Institute, Mauro Staccioli in California

La Louvière, Musée Ianchelevici, Mauro Staccioli. Le lieu de la sculpture

Padova, Galleria Fioretto

Mogliano Veneto, Laboratorio Internazionale della giovane scultura, Mauro Staccioli, in entrata e uscita



Barcelona, Galeria Greca, Mauro Staccioli a Barcelona

Manresa, Fundaciò La Caixa Manresa

Egmond Aan Zee, Galerie Conny Van Kasteel




Bruxelles, Galerie Artiscope



Seoul, Italian Cultural Institute, Mauro Staccioli. Drawing in sculpture

Los Angeles, Italian Cultural Institute, Mauro Staccioli: Tondo 1970-2000

Mogliano Veneto (TV), Il Brolo Centro d’Arte e Cultura, Omaggio a Mauro Staccioli

Milano, A arte Studio Invernizzi, Idea dell’oggetto dell’idea

Bruxelles, Istituto Italiano di Cultura



Pergine Valsugana (TN), Castello di Pergine, Ponte levatoio – Scultura e ambiente 1972-1999



San Diego, Porter-Troupe Gallery



Roma, A.A.M. Architettura Arte Moderna, Mauro Staccioli. Scultura: dall’idea alla costruzione

Pesaro, Centro per le Arti Visive

Panicale, Elogio della scultura



Vignate (MI), Palazzo Municipale and various locations

San Giovanni Valdarno (AR), Casa Masaccio and Corso Italia

Munchen Elisenstrasse

Bruxelles, Fondation Européenne pour la Sculpture, Parc Tournay-Solvay

Bruxelles, Galerie Artiscope

Roma, Museo Laboratorio Università La Sapienza

La Jolla, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego



Genova, Galleria La Polena, Idee costruite. Disegni e progetti di Mauro Staccioli

Venezia, Galleria Traghetto

Bolzano, Museion - Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

Milano, A arte Studio Invernizzi

Tortolì (NU), Porto Frailis – Arbatax, Su logu de s’iscultura



Seoul, Gallery Nine, Small Sculptures and Drawings

Milano, Galleria Maria Cilena



Lienz, Galerie Gaudenz Pedit, Mauro Staccioli. Scultura-Idee-Progetti

Ancona, Galleria Il Falconiere



Milano, Fondazione Mudima per l’Arte Contemporanea

Milano, Galleria Erha



Padova, Fioretto Arte Contemporanea

Roma, Galleria Mara Coccia

Woodside, Djerassi Foundation



Seoul, Kwachon National Museum of Contemporary Art

Santa Monica, Shoshana Wayne Gallery



Siena, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Siena, Disegno in scultura

Genova, Galleria La Polena



Milano, Mercato del Sale


Milano, Rotonda della Besana, Besanaottanta

Woodside, Djerassi Foundation

La Jolla, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego



Milano, Mercato del Sale



Amherst, University Gallery, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Como, Galleria Pantha Arte



Milano, Mercato del Sale

Trieste, Studio Nadia Bassanese



Milano, Studio Santandrea, Il disegno dell’idea e la pratica della scultura

Milano, Mercato del Sale

Omegna (VCO), Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea Spriano

Macerata, Pinacoteca comunale, Mauro Staccioli. Il segno come scultura

Roma, Galleria al Ferro di Cavallo



Trieste, Scuola Caprin, Scultura: lavoro critico

Martina Franca (TA), Fondazione Studio Carrieri Noesi

Bari, Expo Arte

Salerno, Centro d’Arte “La Boîte”

Warszawa, Galleria Studio



Mantova, Rotonda di San Lorenzo

Milano, Studio D’Ars

Roma, Galleria al Ferro di Cavallo, Interventi nell’ambiente urbano

Bari, La Cooperativa Esperienze culturali



Vigevano (PV), Castello Visconteo, Lettura di un ambiente

Suzzara (MN), Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea



Pavia, Galleria Fabbrica

Bergamo, Galleria G 72



Milano, Studio Santandrea

Parma, Galleria Bocchi

Lodi, Studio Il Gelso



Torino, Piazza Solferino, Condizione città

Como, Galleria Colonna arte moderna e contemporanea

Lecco, Galleria Stefanoni

Firenze, Studio Inquadrature 33

Milano, Piazzetta della Galleria Manzoni, Libreria Internazionale Einaudi



Lodi, Galleria Il Gelso

Milano, Studio Santandrea



Firenze, Studio Inquadrature 33

Milano, Galleria Toninelli

Volterra (PI), various locations, Sculture in città



Milano, Centro Culturale and Galleria San Fedele

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